"Pubis Richly was once again nestled in bed, while visions of dollar bills danced
in his head..."

"... and then with a crash and a loud Ka-Boom, a 4-door sedan burst in his room."
"What in the name of expensive damages!?" CRASH

"Ho ho ho!" Never fear, it is I, the ghost of capitalism present, Henry Ford Jr. Jr.!"
"By golds! Henry Ford! You're a model T citizen!"

"But that's not all! Step into my motor chariot and know me better man!" "Okay!
"Where are we going?"
"To the very heart of Christmas! VROOM SLAM"

"Two hours later..." "Move it!" IDIOT!" "AHHHH!!" "Ho, ho, ho!" "Black Friday
Expect Delays. Gridlock. Sadness."

Screeech "Here we are! The heart of Christmas!" "MALL" Sale!! "STAMPEDE!"

"Tell me Pubis, what do you see?" "I see the cheer of the holidays!" "Give it to me!"
"SALE!!" "Help..."

"Perhaps there is something else you see?" "Hmmm" "I don't care! Bimmy needs!
a toy machine gun!" "I punch you in the face!" New Toy

"Ah yes I see the free market running smoothly thanks to industry and credit!" VISAP

"And what about the perils of industry and credit?"
"I don't follow you." "DIIEEE!"

"Ho, ho, ho! Come Pubis, let us journey forth so that you may see the other side 
of the coin!" "Now your talking cents!"

"Here we are!" "What is this hellish place?" Welcome to Detroit

"Ho, ho, ho! A city built on industry and credit! And look here! It's Bob Crappit's house!"

"How was your day, Bob?" "Can't find a job. Autoplants closed. Visap card maxed out. 
Gonna cry now." Bills, DUE, LATE

"Papa, don't cry! It's me Papa! Tiny Timb!"

"Tiny Timb! Come'a to Papa!"

"Don't be sad Papa! I found a coupon in the dumpster for a free chicken nugget!
Now we wont go hungry for Christmas!" "Bless you Tiny Timb. Bless you."

"God bless us, everyone!"

"Such poorness spirit, why have you shown me such poorness?"

"some might say the Crappit's are very rich, for these is that which money can not buy...
love... family... togetherness."

Love minus money equals happiness? Not? ERROR!


"Ho Ho Ho"

"This looks like a job for..."



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