Here are some frequently asked questions about Richman:

Q: Who is Richman?

A: One day, mild mannered super-tycoon Pubis Richly decided to take on crime and injustice using the world's ultimate weapon: money. 

Armed with infinite wealth, mere expensive gadgets, a costly array of super-vehicles, and a priceless hideout located under his mega-mansion, Pubis brilliantly disguises himself as the mysterious RICHMAN, a superhero who fights for truth, justice, and values. 

Q: If Richman really has infinite wealth, why doesn't he just give money to everyone who needs it?

A: As Richman says: "Wealth in the hands of many is worthless, but in the hands of a few can make a difference."

Q: Why doesn't Richman just end world hunger?

A: Because world hunger isn't a criminal Richman can just buy out.

Q: Who is Granola Greengrass?

A: Granola Greengrass is a peace loving, open-minded, anti-capitalist, hippy. He’s Richman's arch nemesis.

Q: Hey, I’m poor, can I help Richman fight crime?

A: “No, poor people do not have enough money to fight crime”  – Richman

Q: Hey, I’m rich. Can I help Richman fight crime?

A: Yes. Send your money here.

Q: No seriously, how can I use my wealth to bring peace on earth?

A: If you are really asking, then please send weekly installments of $1000 here.

Q: What political party is Richman affiliated with?

A: Money.

Q: What is "VISAP"?

A: VISAP is a conglomerate that creates bright futures using finance, credit, technology, and progress. Pubis Richly is the CEO.

Q: What if I want to ask Richman a question?

A: Email any questions you have for Richman here, or post your Qs in the comments below.

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